Highest Average by Event – top 100

New ranking based on highest event averages since January 1, 2009. The ranking list the top 100 averages for an individual event. If you wish to make the list, you better come up with an event/league with a final average over 47.12

Darin Young is listed 13 times including the top 6 averages and 8 of the top 10.

Top 10 number of times listed in top 100 ranking
Darin Young 13
Alan Miller 12
Mark Wuerstle 10
Bob Miske 8
Bob Shirey 7
David Hascup 6
John Kuczynski 5
Jamie Zortman 4
Jason Kroh 4
Tommy Hill 4

The 47th 2015 PA State Dart Tournament

The Longest Consecutively Running Dart Tournament

In The World  – Since “1969”

The Freeland Event Center 526 Fern St. Pa.


Qualifying Dates:  Jan. 24th Sat.,  Feb.7thSat. and Feb.14th.Sat.

Finals: Saturday, February 21st, (ONE LOSS) 10:00am Start Time!  (Undefeated) 12:00 noon

New FORMAT THIS YEAR!!!! 2 Brackets Of 16 Teams Each Date! (10:00AM, & 2:00pm Start Times). Once eliminated Re-entrée allowed due availability. Pa State rule section L (1)

1st 1300 pts,  2nd 700 pts,  3rd 450 pts,  4th 300 pts,  5th & 6th 150 pts EA.


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Battle of the Bars Championship Dart Series 2015

4-PERSON TEAMS-70% handicap(16-TEAMS MAX.)
Best of 3 games (Winners Bracket)
Best of 1 game (Losers Bracket)
Entry Fee: $100.00/TEAM for Regional and Finals event.
Player averages MUST be available online! www.americandartsdatabase.com

The Top 3 teams from each Regional event qualify for The Grand Championships held at the Northampton Liederkranz. Once a team has qualified…they cannot enter another regional event. Entry fee into the Grand Championship is $100.00/team.

Middletown Elks Lodge #2179 
251 Church St, Belford NJ 07718 – Contact: David Hascup (david.hascup@gmail.com)

Dec.6, 2014 – SOUTH REGIONAL QUALIFIER – Etters VFW Post #537 
1095 Pines Rd., Etters, PA 17319 – Contact: Jamie Zortman-717-586-0308

Jan.17, 2015 – NORTH REGIONAL QUALIFIER – Freeland Event Center
526 Fern St., Freeland, PA 18224 – Contact: Joe Haganey-570-436-1678

Feb.28, 2015 – WEST REGIONAL QUALIFIER – Joliett Fire Company
401 Main St., Tremont, PA 17981 Contact: Troy Troup-717-979-4106

Jan 10, 2015 – CENTRAL REGIONAL – Northampton Liederkranz
402 East Ninth St. Northampton, PA 18067 Contact: Todd Harder-484-661-8034

Northampton Liederkranz – TOP-3 teams from each region qualify.
402 East Ninth St. Northampton, PA 18067 Contact: Keith Bauer-610-776-2749


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2014 ABDA National Championship Results

“A” Division National Championship Results
 Champions: Tombstone Inn 2014_A_Division_Champions
 Players: Jake Vosburgh, Barry Watkins and Tim Salsman
 Team Average: 129.27
 High Game: 141
 Low Game: 116

2nd Place: Coach’s 2014_A_Division_RunnerUp
Players: David Hascup, Chris Doyle and John Daddio
Team Average: 123.93
High Game: 152
Low Game: 108

3rd Place: Fountain Hill Hosey 2014_A_Division_3rd_Place
Players: John Nemetch, Jim Kosicki and Buddy Smith
Team Average: 123.45
High Game: 137
Low Game: 110

4th Place: Blue Ridge Rod & Gun 2014_A_Division_4th_Place
Players: Jim Keller, Kevin Kershner and Joel Hemingway
Team Average: 123.62
High Game: 134
Low Game: 113

“B” Division National Championship Results
 Champions: Pirates Cove 2014 B Division 1st place
 Players: Matt Machmer, Shawn Kulp and Jake Vosburgh
 Team Average: 126.467
 High Game: 138
 Low Game: 117

2nd Place: Dart Chuckers B division 2nd place
Players: Joey Jones, Harold Miller and Frank Rakes
Team Average: 111.625
High Game: 124
Low Game: 97

3rd Place: Coach’s B B division 3rd place
Players: Howie Dircks, David Hascup and Gino Campanella
Team Average: 108.375
High Game: 129
Low Game: 92

4th Place: The Ridge b division 4th palce
Players: Mark Heller, Keith Bauer and Jim Keller
Team Average: 109.444
High Game: 121
Low Game: 89

“C” Division National Championship Results
 Champions: Moconaqua Sporting Club #1 c 1st place
 Players: Neil Smith, Pat Peluso and Steve Dietricj
 Team Average: 97.571
 High Game: 111
 Low Game: 81

2nd Place: Pneumonia c 2nd place
Players: Gil Dejesus, Brian Cottrell and John Carey
Team Average: 93.261
High Game: 107
Low Game: 76

3rd Place: Kellys Bar c 3rd place
Players: Jim Kosicki, Lisa Mulvey and Billy Williams
Team Average: 88.6
High Game: 103
Low Game: 72

4th Place: Catty Cubs C c 4th place
Players: Bob Lovelace, Jay Fye and Joe Galm
Team Average: 91.533
High Game: 107
Low Game: 81

“D” Division National Championship Results
Champions: Applejacks d 1st palce
Players: Pete Harris, John Yahara and Gil DeJesus
Team Average: 85.83
High Game: 97
Low Game: 70

2nd Place: Treemonsters d 2nd place
Players: AJ Leffler, Rudy Klinger and Amber Hernley
Team Average: 78.50
High Game: 88
Low Game: 68

3rd Place: Chambersburg Club D d 3rd place
Players: Denny Kaufmann, Eric Holtry and Brett Doyle
Team Average: 80.21
High Game: 96
Low Game: 65

4th Place: CWV Emmaus d 4th place
Players: Ed Stolz Jr, Ed Stolz Sr and Matt Calon
Team Average: 79.38
High Game: 98
Low Game: 63