Eligibility Requirements

1.  Traveling leagues that keep current and correct averages.

2.  House leagues that keep current and correct averages.

3.  All shooters that are members of the A.B.D.A. (Has participated in previous A.B.D.A. Tournament(s).

4.  All shooters must provide a complete list of the averages (online) from the league(s) in which he participates.

5.  It is the responsibility of the tournament director to either accept or decline a shooter’s eligibility.

6.  All shooters may be provided with an A.B.D.A. identification card upon entry.  They may also need to provide some form of identification if the tournament director requests it.

7.  All shooters may participate in multiple league qualifier tournaments in order to qualify for seeded placement in the A.B.D.A. National Championship Finals draw.