1.  Endgrain basswood dartboards will be the official boards of the A.B.D.A. for all tournaments and sanctioned events.

2.  Wooden dartboards will have a red cork center, and shall meet the established standards set for classic American boards.

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3.  Teams may use the dart brand (Apex, Darto, Widdy) of their choice. All team players must use the same brand of dart. If opposing teams choose to use different brands of darts for a match, then it is the lead off shooter’s responsibility to change the darts each inning.

4.  The center of the cork will be measured at 5 feet 3 inches from the floor to the center of the cork.

5.  The toe line will be a measurement of 7 feet 3 inches from the face of the dartboard to the shooter side of the toe board.

6.  The toe board will be made of wood with a radius of no more than 4 feet, and will measure 107.5 inches from the center of the cork to the outside radius of the toe board.  This measurement will be angled.

7.  A light will be inserted in the top housing of the dartboard holder.  This light must not reflect back into a shooter’s view of the board.

8.  All shooters must have their league average(s) (last 2 years) posted online and link accessible from the A.B.D.A. Player Averages Verification Page in order to have a starting qualifying average for participation in tournaments. Previous A.B.D.A. National Championships and/or PA State Dart Tournament average(s) (last 2 years) will also be factored into determining an entering average for all shooters. Our practice of dropping tenths of a point will apply to the final entering average only. The legitimacy of player averages may be disputed or upheld by the tournament director.

9.  Any district representative will have the right to disqualify any shooter for unruly behavior during any tournament.  It is in the best interest of the A.B.D.A. to promote sportsmanship in the game.

10. The winning team of the match is responsible for keeping the scores of the game, and for returning the score sheet back to tournament officials.

11. The final score sheet must be signed by both team captains at the end of the match.  Each team captain will receive a copy of the game score sheet, with the original being returned to tournament officials.