2014 ABDA National Championship Results

“A” Division National Championship Results
 Champions: Tombstone Inn 2014_A_Division_Champions
 Players: Jake Vosburgh, Barry Watkins and Tim Salsman
 Team Average: 129.27
 High Game: 141
 Low Game: 116

2nd Place: Coach’s 2014_A_Division_RunnerUp
Players: David Hascup, Chris Doyle and John Daddio
Team Average: 123.93
High Game: 152
Low Game: 108

3rd Place: Fountain Hill Hosey 2014_A_Division_3rd_Place
Players: John Nemetch, Jim Kosicki and Buddy Smith
Team Average: 123.45
High Game: 137
Low Game: 110

4th Place: Blue Ridge Rod & Gun 2014_A_Division_4th_Place
Players: Jim Keller, Kevin Kershner and Joel Hemingway
Team Average: 123.62
High Game: 134
Low Game: 113

“B” Division National Championship Results
 Champions: Pirates Cove 2014 B Division 1st place
 Players: Matt Machmer, Shawn Kulp and Jake Vosburgh
 Team Average: 126.467
 High Game: 138
 Low Game: 117

2nd Place: Dart Chuckers B division 2nd place
Players: Joey Jones, Harold Miller and Frank Rakes
Team Average: 111.625
High Game: 124
Low Game: 97

3rd Place: Coach’s B B division 3rd place
Players: Howie Dircks, David Hascup and Gino Campanella
Team Average: 108.375
High Game: 129
Low Game: 92

4th Place: The Ridge b division 4th palce
Players: Mark Heller, Keith Bauer and Jim Keller
Team Average: 109.444
High Game: 121
Low Game: 89

“C” Division National Championship Results
 Champions: Moconaqua Sporting Club #1 c 1st place
 Players: Neil Smith, Pat Peluso and Steve Dietricj
 Team Average: 97.571
 High Game: 111
 Low Game: 81

2nd Place: Pneumonia c 2nd place
Players: Gil Dejesus, Brian Cottrell and John Carey
Team Average: 93.261
High Game: 107
Low Game: 76

3rd Place: Kellys Bar c 3rd place
Players: Jim Kosicki, Lisa Mulvey and Billy Williams
Team Average: 88.6
High Game: 103
Low Game: 72

4th Place: Catty Cubs C c 4th place
Players: Bob Lovelace, Jay Fye and Joe Galm
Team Average: 91.533
High Game: 107
Low Game: 81

“D” Division National Championship Results
Champions: Applejacks d 1st palce
Players: Pete Harris, John Yahara and Gil DeJesus
Team Average: 85.83
High Game: 97
Low Game: 70

2nd Place: Treemonsters d 2nd place
Players: AJ Leffler, Rudy Klinger and Amber Hernley
Team Average: 78.50
High Game: 88
Low Game: 68

3rd Place: Chambersburg Club D d 3rd place
Players: Denny Kaufmann, Eric Holtry and Brett Doyle
Team Average: 80.21
High Game: 96
Low Game: 65

4th Place: CWV Emmaus d 4th place
Players: Ed Stolz Jr, Ed Stolz Sr and Matt Calon
Team Average: 79.38
High Game: 98
Low Game: 63